Aaron Access installs advanced access control system at Network Rail building

Aaron Access, a leading contractor in the UK’s Property, Rail, and HV Electrical Sectors, recently completed the installation of an innovative automatic bi-folding door in Wetherby Town Hall’s foyer, enhancing the hall’s accessibility while blending with its architectural aesthetics.


Recognising the challenge posed by the hall’s narrow entrance, Aaron Access selected the Record FTA 20 folding door as the ideal solution. The folding door’s unique design allows its leaves to fold inwards, eliminating the need for additional space around the entrance. This feature proved crucial in overcoming the constraints posed by the narrow entryway.


Chris Cunningham, Managing Director of Aaron Access, commented on the successful installation, saying, “At Aaron Access, we prioritise finding tailored solutions that not only meet but exceed the specific needs of our clients. The Record FTA 20 folding door at Wetherby Town Hall is a prime example of our commitment to providing innovative and practical access solutions.”


The automatic bi-folding door seamlessly complements the architectural design of Wetherby Town Hall while ensuring quick and easy access for all building users. Its user-friendly operation and space-saving design retain almost the full width of the entrance, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics.


Aaron Access is part of the wider Aaron Engineering Group, a multi-disciplined group of companies providing expert services, solutions, and resources to the Property, Rail, and HV Electrical Sectors in the UK. The group’s comprehensive approach ensures the seamless integration of services, fostering a reputation for reliability and professionalism.


As a key player in controlled access solutions, Aaron Access continues to demonstrate its prowess in addressing unique challenges and delivering tailored solutions. The successful installation at Wetherby Town Hall is a testament to the company’s dedication to providing cutting-edge and architecturally sensitive access solutions that enhance both form and function.


For more information about Aaron Access please visit www.aaronaccess.co.uk or contact info@aaronaccess.co.uk.

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