Aaron Guard ensures safe rail possession works through security services

Aaron Guard, a leading provider of manned guarding services, continues to play a crucial role in ensuring the security and safety of rail possession works at busy Network Rail compounds.


The company has recently provided dedicated security services for rail possession works at various key locations, including the Uppermill turning circle compound and the Marsden railway station compound.


At the Uppermill turning circle compound, Aaron Guard supplied expert staff for weekend possession works, which commenced in early October.


The team’s vigilant security measures were instrumental in maintaining the safety of the site and its assets, ensuring uninterrupted progress during the possession works.


Looking ahead, the company is set to provide round-the-clock security for the forthcoming weekend works at Marsden railway station compound, reinforcing its commitment to safeguarding crucial rail projects.


Chris Gill, Security Director at Aaron Guard, highlighted the importance of high-quality surveillance and guarding during rail possessions at bustling compounds:


“Rail possession works are critical moments in the rail industry, demanding the highest level of security to protect both the workforce and valuable equipment. At Aaron Guard, we understand the significance of these projects and the need for impeccable security solutions.


Chris added: “Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring that these possessions are conducted smoothly, without any security concerns. We believe that a combination of advanced technology, skilled personnel, and a proactive approach is essential in maintaining a secure environment, allowing the railway professionals to focus on their tasks confidently.”


Aaron Guard specialises in providing tailored security solutions, including access control, PTS guards, gate-house, and out-of-hours remote location security. Its services are designed to provide organisations with safety and assurance, enabling them to concentrate on their core activities without worrying about security challenges.


Aaron Guard is part of the Aaron Engineering Group, a multi-disciplined organisation offering expert services, solutions, and resources to the Property, Rail, and HV Electrical Sectors in the UK.


For further details about Aaron Guard’s comprehensive security services and to learn more about the wide-ranging solutions provided by Aaron Group, please visit Aaron Engineering Group.


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