Aaron Guard thwarts cable thieves in Manchester Compound

In a swift and decisive action, Aaron Guard’s vigilant security personnel prevented a major theft at Network Rail’s Collyhurst Compound in Manchester on July 26th.

A team of five thieves attempting to steal lengths of copper cable were intercepted and thwarted by our guards during their routine patrol of the compound.

The quick response and sharp observation skills of Aaron Guard’s security team led to the immediate discovery of the thieves.

The stolen cable was successfully recovered, preventing financial losses and ensuring the safety and security of the Collyhurst Compound.

An active police investigation is now underway to bring the culprits to justice, thanks to the prompt action taken by our guards.

Chris Gill, Security Director at Aaron Guard, commented on the incident: “This incident highlights the importance of having a robust security system in place. Our guards acted swiftly and professionally, preventing a significant loss for our client. We are proud of their dedication and vigilance. This successful project showcases our commitment to ensuring the safety of our clients’ assets. We will continue to remain proactive and vigilant in safeguarding the properties and assets entrusted to us.”

Aaron Guard, a leading provider of manned guarding services, offers bespoke security solutions tailored to various industries. Their services, including access control, PTS guards, gate-house, and out-of-hours remote location security, provide organisations with safety and assurance, allowing them to concentrate on their core activities without security concerns.

Aaron Guard is a part of Aaron Group, a multi-disciplined conglomerate offering expert services, solutions, and resources to the Property, Rail, and HV Electrical Sectors in the UK.

For more information about Aaron Guard’s security services and the comprehensive solutions provided by Aaron Group, please visit Aaron Engineering Group.

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