Project - TRU East Alliance

Key Project Details

Client:                  TRU East Alliance

Start date:            2020

End date:              Ongoing

Duration:              N/A
Value:                   £1m+ p/a

Location:              Sites between Manchester Victoria and Leeds

Project scope

Aaron Rail covers key sites between Manchester Victoria and Leeds for the TRU East Alliance. This is part of an ongoing contract which includes guarding of all compounds, with a roaming guard placed on these sites.

As part of this contract, the teams are trained to watch out for cable theft and take appropriate actions to prevent this happening. Cable theft, especially where new projects are taking place, are high – and training is provided to all staff to help reduce potential crimes occurring.


Our team works with the TRU Alliance to determine suitable and appropriate staffing levels per site and, as due diligence, completed audits on all sites to determine the level of resource required. This data is stored within our resourcing system so that we have strong and appropriate levels of resourcing at every opportunity. This has resulted in a 100% attendance rate for this contract.

Aaron Rail Scope



All guards are PTS-trained, along with certification in IA Guarding, Triple STS and first marshalling. Aaron Rail works with a NSAR gold-accredited training provider to carry out this training and all team members are part of our training matrix to ensure competencies do not expire.

We have also ensured that all colleagues are first aid trained, and have completed anti-terrorism training (ACT), behavioural training, communications training and frontline leadership courses. We have also enrolled all so that our team is fire marshall-trained. This was decided from a lesson learned from a wider perspective, where a fire escalated in a cabin on a site. With this training, our teams are able to reduce impact caused by fire and act accordingly. We take this as a proactive measure to benefit the client.




In this framework, Aaron Rail implements use of a Lone Worker app – using technology as part of a checking-in process. Each colleague has a 15-minute window to confirm all is OK on site and this data is also fed through to the client, should they wish to see this. Escalation processes are in place should they not check in and we have contingency team members that can be deployed to either provide additional support, or check-in should there be an issue.

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Stephen Smith, Operations Director, Transport for Greater Manchester

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