Aaron Guard foils attempted cable theft on TransPennine Route

Aaron Guard’s security team has prevented a potential cable theft on the TransPennine Route.


In the early hours of the morning May 16th, Aaron Guard’s vigilant roaming guard team successfully thwarted an attempted cable theft on the White Rose Footbridge in Leeds.


This incident, occurring around 3:30 AM, underscores the critical role of proactive security measures in safeguarding public infrastructure.


While on a routine patrol as requested by their client, Keith Prole, a member of the Aaron Guard team, observed two individuals attempting to steal redundant cable. Acting swiftly, Prole identified himself as security and confronted the suspects, who promptly abandoned the cable and fled the scene. Prole then contacted the British Transport Police and documented the incident.


In response to this event, Aaron Guard has updated its roaming guard routes to cover this and other vulnerable areas in the Leeds and Batley vicinity, ensuring enhanced security and deterrence against similar criminal activities.


Dave Barnett, Managing Director at Aaron Guard, praised the successful intervention, saying: “This incident highlights the effectiveness of our team’s vigilance and quick action. By updating our patrol routes, we aim to provide even greater protection for the rail network in this area, preventing future attempts and ensuring the safety and security of vital infrastructure.”


The collaboration between Aaron Guard and local authorities demonstrates a robust commitment to maintaining security and mitigating risks associated with cable theft, which poses significant threats to public safety and service continuity.


For more information about Aaron Guard’s security services visit www.aaronengineeringgroup.com/aaron-guard/.

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